Headspace Kickstarter is live!

Headspace, a comic book mini-series that served as my entry into the world of comic book editing is currently back in a bumper digital edition via Kickstarter.

“HEADSPACE is about Shane Garretty, the sheriff of Carpenter Cove, who comes to realise his town is exceptionally weird, and may not exist in the reality he thought it did. SPOILERS the town is in the mind of a killer, and Shane has no idea how he got in, or how to get out.

But if he’s in the mind of a killer, then perhaps he can create some positive change for the world.

Then, actually out in the real world, the killer with the town in his mind goes on the run.

What ensues is a wild ride that’s like a Philip K Dick story if adapted by John Carpenter. The book might be about responsibility, and the choices we make, but it’s also got dog-headed bartenders, spontaneous tidal waves, and a boat made out of dead bodies.”

The bundle includes all of the issues of the mini-series and even includes the non-fiction pieces I wrote for the backmatter of the single issues, all of which I’m incredibly proud of. The piece on The Prisoner is a particular favourite of mine.

Go and check it out if you’re into strange sci-fi or just damn good comics!